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With one of our modern self-contained EZYBLOX. We are the minimal home specialists with a comprehensive range of living solutions that have been tailored to every budget and every size. Your EZYBLOX home is fully customisable for easy adaption to any property configuration.

Our EZYBLOX are 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE for longevity and peace of mind!

Design Options

Designing your dream living space. Fully engineered Class 1 Habitable dwellings that are Homes, not sheds! Our modular bloxs are 100% Australian-made, and provide a DIY solution to your growing space needs.

Quality Construction

Saving up to 50% in Labour costs with our EZY build, fast fit panel system, your eco-friendly EZYBLOX home is built to the highest standards at a fraction of the price.


Anywhere in Queensland and we mean anywhere! Prefabricated flatpack panel system allows for ease of access into difficult yards and locations. You can be sure our materials arrive in excellent condition ready for installation.

Why Choose EZYBLOX?

EZYBLOX is a company specialising in designing your dream living space. We use minimalistic principles with eco-friendly products to help you create the ideal compact living space for yourself. Our modular bloxs are 100% Australian-made, and provide a DIY solution to your growing space needs.

With changes to superannuation laws, first home owner grants and governments creating new channels for access to being a home owner EZYBLOX can help you become the king or queen of your very own castle sooner.

Build yourself a great first home, an eco-friendly living space, a minimalistic solution to the rapid urbanization and consumption happening all around you. Let your home stand out from the mass-produced apartments, the ones that offer you very little open space, are extremely congested, over-priced and a massive financial burden.

EZYBLOX are an amazing investment to your property, our modular homes are guaranteed to bump up the valuation of your house as well as provide a regular stream of income from rent. A complete living space, our options include a 1 or 2 bedroom homes, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, living room etc, making them attractive to renters and leasers.

Modern living solutions combined with sustainable building products creating wealth, security and more options for your future.

We offer complete Installation and project management!
QBCC Licence 1175066 (Queensland Home Improvements PTY LTD)

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